Columbia Engineering is at the center of an engineering renaissance, evidenced by the strength of our faculty, the quality of our students, our deep collaborations with other schools and disciplines, as well as our powerful community of alumni, parents and friends, and the convergence of resources and opportunities in New York City and around the world.  

Columbia Engineering for Humanity is a bold and ambitious framework that will amplify our impact and further accelerate the education and research of our school. To achieve this vision, we aspire to create and nurture an ecosystem that attracts the greatest minds and provides them with the resources, facilities, and programs that will accelerate discovery and translate transformational ideas into tangible impact. Our interconnected goals are part of an alighted strategy with The Columbia Commitment campaign.

We have made great strides in recent years, placing our school among the top undergraduate and graduate engineering schools nationally and globally. In order to propel Columbia Engineering into its next stage of growth and development, we seek support that will ensure our school expands its leadership in research, education, and innovation.

Please join us in creating a sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, and creative humanity. Your support will empower and strengthen our ecosystem of students and faculty as they spearhead a future where engineering plays an essential and transformational role in advances that will benefit global communities for years to come.

Columbia Engineering for Humanity.

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