Academic Research

Administrative Policy Library University polices for sponsored projects.
Managing Research and Externally Funded Projects Policies guiding management of projects sponsored by governmental and private organizations.
Policies on Federally-funded Projects Agency-specific guidance for project management.


Academic Conduct

Academic Standing for Undergraduates Policies regarding academic performance.
Involuntary Leave of Absence Policy for how involuntary leave is determined and managed.
Leave for Military Duty Policies on military leave of absence.
Student Conduct Rules of University conduct and discipline.
Voluntary Leave of Absence Policy Circumstances and process for withdrawal from school.


Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security Link to annual campus security report
Crime Definitions in Accordance with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program Definition of crimes.
Gender-Based Misconduct Policies for Students Sexual respect and integrity policy, reporting protocol, and counselling resources.
Information Technology Policy Full scope of policies governing use and access to information technology.
Policies on Alcohol and Drugs Statement and policies about alcohol, drugs, and smoking.
Protection of Minors Policies on the protection of minors.



Student Email Communication Policy Policies governing how the University communicates with students by email.


Personal Information

Policy on Access to Student Records (FERPA) Your rights to access your educational records or release them to others.
Social Security Number Reporting    Policies about when you must provide your Social Security Number to the University.


Events & Activities

Policy on Partisan Political Activity Rules prohibiting the University from participating or intervening in any political campaign and the rules governing anyone connected with the University regarding participation in political campaign activities.
University Event Policies Guidance in planning and scheduling events or meetings.


Ethical Conduct

Non-Retaliation Policy Statement on the University prohibition on retaliation against those who report or seek guidance on ethical or compliance issues.
Policies and Procedures on Discrimination and Harassment Faculty and student policies on discrimination and harassment, reporting options, investigation and disciplinary process.


Reporting Process

Inquiries or complaints A list of people to contact for informal conflict resolution, inquiries, or complaints regarding discrimination or harassment.
Student Grievances, Academic Concerns and Complaints The process for a student to use to register a complaint or grievance.


Undergraduate Academic Integrity

Information about undergraduate academic integrity can be found at the link below or by emailing

Graduate Student Policies and Procedures

Information about Academic Policies and Procedures can be found by visiting Graduate Student Affairs