Columbia Engineering and COVID-19: How You Can Help

As our world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Columbia Engineering community of alumni, parents, faculty and friends has come together, committed, to helping our students amid unprecedented challenges⁠—truly embodying our vision of Engineering for Humanity.

Columbia Engineering & COVID-19: How You Can Help

The support we have received from members of our community has allowed us to meet the needs of our students, from supporting travel, moving, and storage costs due to displacement from campus, technology needs as a result of the transition to a remote learning environment, summer housing for students not able to return home due to travel bans, and emergency funding for other unexpected needs for healthcare and basic supplies.

As we plan for the future, Columbia Engineering remains committed to meeting our students’ needs. For the upcoming academic year, we anticipate seeing increased need for summer internship support, undergraduate scholarship support, graduate fellowships, and resources for students seeking to gain equal access to their education amid the challenges that the current climate present.

Dean's Student Relief Fund

The Dean’s Student Relief Fund supports students with emergency travel, technology needs, health needs, and other expenses. These funds are provided on an as-needed basis to students, in addition to initial emergency grants provided to each student by the University, as well as prorated housing and dining refunds. Supporting our students is a top priority for Dean Mary C. Boyce.

Undergraduate Scholarship Support

The School remains steadfast in its commitment to meeting 100 percent of demonstrated financial need of our undergraduate students now and for the years to come. This allows the brightest students to come to Columbia without fear of financial burdens. In the 2018-2019 academic year, 50% of undergraduate students received financial aid with an average package of $55,691. Cumulatively, this totalled $42.4M in scholarship aid given out. For the upcoming academic year, we anticipate that the average need for undergraduate scholarships will increase exponentially. Make a gift to the Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Graduate Fellowships

Growing new bone and muscle tissue. Making useful products from waste materials. Securing the power grid. Harnessing the potential of clean energy. Pushing the frontier of artificial intelligence. Our graduate students play an integral role in responding to the needs of society and pushing disciplinary frontiers. 

Our graduate students are working to resume their groundbreaking research in a manner that is safe. Fellowships for graduate students attract top talent to Columbia, allow these students to focus on their research, and will help as they resume innovative work disrupted by the pandemic.

Endowed Support

Endowed support for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships is critical. Endowed funds strengthen the School’s position over time creating resilience and allow the School to recruit the best and brightest students. 

If you are interested in exploring endowed Graduate Fellowships opportunities, please contact Jennifer Feierman de Lannoy at

If you are interested in exploring Undergraduate Scholarship opportunities, please contact Asha Kaufman at

For questions regarding how you can support Columbia Engineering students, contact Max Ramstad, Assistant Director of Annual Giving.

"At Columbia Engineering, and especially as a senior during this pandemic, I've learned what it's like to give back and to be involved in a community at the center of the conversation, identifying solutions to the greatest challenges of our time."

Ara Lee-Yu Peterson
Class of 2020
Gleb Vizitiv '20

"The last couple of months were unusual for me: classes went online, my home country closed its borders preventing me from getting home, and all of my friends left campus. Fortunately, despite all the craze happening worldwide, Columbia was always there for me and helped in every possible way."

Gleb Vizitiv
Class of 2020